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This page is a summary of Worldwide Fossil and Geology news. We will update this page regularly. Please see the links below to articles of interest.


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  • 14 Mar 2013
    at 21:19 PM

    ID: 0010

    Valdosaurus partial but articulated skeleton found on Isle of Wight

    The tail, rear legs, pelvis and vertebra were found by a local person in the sandstone (South side) of the Isle of Wight in October 2012 and are now being prepped and preserved.
  • 13 Mar 2013
    at 19:28 PM

    ID: 0009

    Rare Soft Bodied Worm Found In Burgess Shales

    The finding of this soft bodied worm in the Burgess Shale of Canada pushes back their presence by 200 million years.
  • 01 Mar 2013
    at 16:18 PM

    ID: 0008

    Rare Amoeba-like Fossils Found in China.

    Rare Amoeba-like fossils, one of the first cellular organisms have been found in 570 million year old strata in South China showing several stages of asexual reproduction.
  • 01 Mar 2013
    at 14:46 PM

    ID: 0007

    Toxic Oceans May Have Delayed Spread of Complex Life

    A new model suggests that inhospitable hydrodgen-sulphide rich waters could have delayed the spread of complex life forms in ancient oceans.
  • 01 Mar 2013
    at 14:36 PM

    ID: 0006

    New Research - Campanian Crocs & a New Dinosaur iInterlinked!

    Researchers in Utah, USA have discovered a new small dinosaur while looking at the diet of a crocodile from the Campanian (Cretaceous)!
  • 24 Feb 2013
    at 22:18 PM

    ID: 0005

    Buried Continent Under Pacific Ocean

  • 18 Feb 2013
    at 17:28 PM

    ID: 0004

    Dinosaur Behaviour from Ichno Fossils!

    An interesting article on what we can learn from trace fossils about dinosaurs.
  • 10 Feb 2013
    at 16:16 PM

    ID: 0003

    200m long slip on Monmouth beach Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK

    There has been yet another large lansdslide in Lyme Regis, Dorset - this is the latest from the coastguard.
  • 10 Feb 2013
    at 21:42 PM

    ID: 0002

    Placental Mammal Diversity Exploded After Age of Dinosaurs

    New research on the ancient placental mammals shows an explosion of these animals after the dinosaurs are wiped out.
  • 10 Feb 2013
    at 16:55 PM

    ID: 0001

    Dinosaur-killing asteroid was a binary asteroid

    Two asteroids striking the earth together in the same crater may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs at the K-T Mass Extinction…
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